Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other This Year

When it comes to shopping for gifts for your significant other, it’s always a bit more difficult than shopping for others in your life. Sure, you know what they like and maybe even what they want for the holidays, but you’re always trying to step it up a notch.

This is Lucas and I’s third holiday season together, and honestly, it’s more intimidating than ever. Each year’s gifts have gotten more thoughtful and meaningful. I mean, Lucas literally does all of his shopping a few days before Christmas and calls it a day, but he still manages to get some incredible gifts that I use for years to come.

As you shop for your bae this holiday season, it’s important to think outside of the box. For example, an experience or custom gift is always a great option. The first year Lucas and I spent Christmas together, I got him a custom map from Mapiful of where he grew up, Saipan. These make great gifts, and look aesthetically pleasing on the wall. You can customize the print or even choose to do a constellation.

Last year, Lucas got me a record player because I had always wanted one and he paired it with a record from our favorite artist/album, Kasey Musgraves. This is such a thoughtful gift because record players are so timeless, and you have the opportunity to gift music that has special meaning in your relationship.

Finally, one of the top gifts I’ve ever given Lucas (in my opinion), was the custom whiskey barrel. These make great gifts for you significant other, or even a wedding present or a gift for your parents. Whether you just keep them as decoration or actually fill them with a spirit, they make great custom gifts.

As you continue to shop for that special someone this year, think about something that they wouldn’t ever get themselves — whether it be an experience of a nice gift they’ll keep forever. Here are some additional gift ideas for your significant other this holiday season.

  1. Custom Coffee Mug
  2. Personalized Photo Album
  3. Embossed Dopp Kit
  4. Nameplate Necklace
  5. Personalized Ornament
  6. Pie Pan with Personal Recipe
  7. Custom Cutting Board

Other ideas that I can’t link are:
1. Put together an experience: a picnic, book a surprise trip, tickets to something they want to see or do
2. Make them something: if you have a talent or hobby, create something special for them that comes from the heart
3. Plan a day of their favorite things: start in the morning and continue throughout the day by surprising them with their favorite things and going to some of their favorite places
4. Take holiday photos: you could hire a local photographer and get photos taken and then have them framed for your home