Taylor Swift – 1989 Tour



IMG_8875        I think I just need to start off by saying how incredibly amazing this concert was. If you can’t tell by now, I am slightly obsessed with going to concerts and music festivals. I love everything from an intimate, small show to a concert that fills out a whole sports arena. I have seen a lot of people perform, but not any quite like Taylor Swift. This show was amazing, but it couldn’t have been possible for me to go if it wasn’t for my bff Alex who took me with her for her birthday! So needless to say I was excited, hype and completely on cloud nine. Whenever I got to a concert or any type of show I always have to dress my best, so what better to do than blog my 1989 Tour outfit?

  • Dress: Retails $168, Free people- my mom got this dress on sale for me at a boutique in Florida. I love things that are open back and very detailed. Not only do I get a chance to show off my tats but I just find pieces like this very elegant and unique.
  • Necklace: $14.95, on sale for $6.49, Pac Sun- I love love love Pac Sun and they always have the boho jewelry that I want. This necklace I am wearing isn’t online anymore but I attached a really cute coin choker that is on sale for a great price!
  • Faux Leather Jacket: $34.90, Forever 21- The liked jacket isn’t the same maroon one I am wearing in the picture, but it’s like the same style just black. If you are like me, a poor college student, and you don’t have money for a real leather jacket – go to Forever 21 and get a really cute one for $20 or $30. They are great for right now because you could get two different colors and still not pay the price of a real one. I love wearing leather jackets during this time of the year because it just adds that edge to any outfit!
  • Booties: $238, on sale for $159, Cole Haan- I got these when I was working for Cole Haan at a really great discount and they were such a great investment. They can be worn in any season and they go with everything! Pair them with some ripped jeans, a nice skirt or dress, wear them with patterned ankle socks or some tights! I wear these to work, to school or a night out on the town. They truly are a great shoe! Everyone needs an open toe bootie in their life!
  • Purse: $278, bought on sale when working for Cole Haan- I love this bag!!!!! I have more purses than anyone should ever have but I really wanted a cute, smaller, structured black bag. Why? Because you can dress up an outfit with it, it looks professional, its transitional and keeps your things organized better than a hobo or big tote. I love this bag and whenever I got out, it comes with me. I can fit the few things I need in there and have room for more. It’s also a great every day bag!
  • Make up: For this night I did a simple foundation and contour. I paired it with the darker neutral eye that I love to do on a daily basis and my infamous vampy dark lips!!!

Also, my secret to having big boobs and hardly ever wearing a bra – petals!!! I love those things and I think I would probably die without them. Whether you are well endowed or barely showing, do your self a favor and get some. They are life changing.

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  1. February 17, 2016 / 7:56 pm

    I am so jealous. I love Taylor swift. But I’m from the Uk and I couldn’t get tickets for anywhere even remotely close to where I live. The struggles of living in the country haha