Brighten the Mood


Ignore this semi-awkward photo of me at work, but my boss loves to get pictures of us wearing new products that she thinks have been style correctly. So I figured, why not just use the same picture for a post. With it being my last few days at work, I’m bringing out the brightest outfits I can find since most of the time you will catch me in all black or neutral colors.

I attached links to all of my pieces, or similar ones, as they appear on their retailers website, below!

Shirt: Free People  (Macy’s clearance rack) $13 but retails for $68. I know, what a steal. You will see me wearing a lot of Free People because I am absolutely obsessed with the company but I rarely pay the full retail price. The only occasion that I do that is if it is an outfit for a special occasion and the piece is just too good to pass up or wait for it to hit clearance.

Dress: American Eagle, $29. I love this dress. Every one needs a little black dress, or in this case, a little striped black and white dress. I hyperlinked a similar dress on their website that they have right now for $40, but I shop mainly at their outlet and the dress I own is a little older. But here is the same dress I am wearing, just in plain black, that is on clearance PLUS and additional 50% off at checkout!  I love love love to layer so you’re going to see this a lot. I wear this dress all the time because it is one of the most comfortable articles of clothing that I own and it goes with everything and anything.

Necklace: PacSun, $13. I don’t really wear bold, colorful, or statement necklaces anymore unless I have more of a professional look going, but this is by far my favorite statement necklace. I love the boho look and If I could more like this, I would buy them all.

Watch: Fossil, Heather Watch, $69. I got this watch on sale about two years ago around Christmas and it has held up like a champ. The leather is at that perfect worn point and I wear it almost everyday.

Bracelets: Alex and Ani, $28- $38 each. I wear these bracelets every single day and I have been for about the past year. I keep adding to my collection and it is kind of another obsession of mine, go figure. I love the meaning behind these bracelets and what they represent. The four that I have are:

– The Feather: represents virtues of charity, hope and faith

– The Compass: My fav, my baby. Each cardinal direction has its own meaning: North – home and infinite possibility; South – embodies passion and present; West – emotion and new beginnings; East – new beginnings and the future

– The Anchor: allows us to keep a clear mid in admits the tide of life, courage, safety and peace of mind

– The Tree of Life: strong roots, consistent growth and fruition

Shoes: Cole Haan, Zerogrand collection in color wedgwood suede. Y’all these shoes are AMAZING. They are so incredibly comfortable but a little pricey… Since I have been working at Cole Haan for the past 14 months I have been lucky enough to get a lot of their great shoes for a really really great deal. The shoes retail for $198, so if you have that kinda cash, GET THEM. But if not, the oxford look is coming back and I love it.