Shop My Sephora Sale Picks

Here are my must-haves from Sephora that you should purchase while you can save some coin! You should have received two (or maybe just one if you’re not Rogue) coupons in the mail with your code for 20% off all purchases for both weekends of the sale! If you’re Rogue status, then you’ll be able to make multiple purchases this weekend with your code online or in store with the card, as well as the following weekend when the sale is open to all members. I’m not sure if everyone gets 20% off, or just Rogue members.

The sale goes live Friday, October 24th for VIB Rogue members and goes until the 29th.
Then the sale opens again on Friday, November 2nd to the 5th. 

Drop a comment on my Insta, or shoot me a DM and let me know what you’re purchasing or items that you highly recommend!

Happy shopping, babes!