Why I Blog + My Promise To My Followers

Why I Blog + My Promise To My Followers


Photography by The Hobbyist

Something you may not know is that I had a blog when I was in high school. I loved it. It was my passion, but I was a little too scared to share it with my friends because I was fearful of being made fun of. Once I was in college, I decided to bring it back. I was finally going to follow my passion. I’m so thankful that I started my blog my junior year of college because it’s been such an outlet for me. 

Now, let’s talk about why I blog. I feel like so often people start a blog or Instagram and then after they do it for a while, they forget why they started. They forget their purpose and their mission. They get so caught up in the follower count and the potential monetization of it all that they get greedy. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve definitely been there before.

There was a time last year where I was so caught up in the numbers. I was looking at other’s progress and comparing myself. I was really in a bad place when it came to how I viewed my platforms. I was convinced that I wasn’t good enough and that because I wasn’t conforming to the likes of all of the other girls that I wouldn’t be able to succeed. I was so confused, ‘why are all these girls who look the same, act the same, and post the same unrealistic things being rewarded with mass amounts of growth?’ I couldn’t understand it. 

So, why do I blog? Why Beautiful on a Budget? Because it’s what I feel as though people need. Like I said above, every girl is posting the same items. It’s like the majority of the bloggers post the same retailers (cough cough, Nordstrom). And while I could definitely shop there for just about everything (bc they have so many options, not because I can afford to), why would I? And this isn’t meant to bash any other bloggers, it’s to show that there is someone for everyone. And I want to be ‘that person’ for those who can’t afford a weekly trip to Nordstrom; those who would rather find a dupe and save their money for life experiences; those who want to follow someone who keeps it real and encompasses their own personal style. 

Beautiful on a Budget is a space that is meant to inspire and empower women who want to stay on top of all of the trends, but can’t afford to pay the hefty price tag that others are promoting. Before I decided to start this outlet, and even some random moments still, I felt like I had to have what others were posting, no matter the price tag. I felt like that in order to be on trend and fit in, I had to have the ‘it’ item. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can get all of those ‘it’ items and looks for a fraction of the cost. 

I’m a twenty-something young professional who is two years out of college, has a little bit of debt, is still trying to figure out her professional life and future, moved back home to be with my mom and save money for a while, but still wants to be trendy and enjoy the fun experiences in life. I don’t have the money for a $100 pair of jeans or a $300 pair of boots for the season. So, I’m spending the majority of my free time searching my favorite sites for the affordable version of all of the hot pieces. It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed, and I figured that it would be a shame to not share my finds with others. 

My goal is to be someone that people can count on and trust to post affordable, attainable items and give them my honest opinion. I don’t want to be the blogger who posts things just because they’re getting paid for it. If I don’t already love the product or company, or I try it out and don’t like it, I’m not risking my credibility or integrity for a dollar. I promise you that! I also promise to ever buy my followers just to reach a milestone or standout more to brands. I promise to always being authentic.

I promise to always be someone who answers the questions, let’s you know what’s up, and where I got something from. DM’s are where you’re most likely to get ahold of me quicker! I hate when bloggers never get back to you, like then what’s the point of being a blogger? I also promise to not be one of those bloggers who is participating a stupid loop giveaway every week.

I made the mistake of being a part of one and got scammed. I’m 95% sure that the other girls knew that it was a scam and the prize wasn’t actually going to anyone because I tried so hard to get the name of the giveaway winner and they all ignored me. So, I hope that girl can live with all the money she pocketed from us. That’s why I refuse to do them. I tried twice because I just want to be able to give back to y’all but that ruined it for me. Also, I think they’re a cop out and easy way to get followers that aren’t there for the right reasons. I mean, if you want to do them, by all means be my guest, but they’re not for me.

I promise to be real, share my real life experiences and never pretend to be someone I’m not. I hate scrolling through my feed and seeing the same outfit, same pose, same Starbucks cup and purse in every picture. While I’m sure there’s going to be times that some of my content may look similar because that’s inevitable, I promise to strive to be a unique source of inspiration for you all. 

So, with all of that being said. What’s something that you hate seeing on Instagram that bloggers do? I want to know what you guys like and what turns you off from someone!