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October Favorites

October Favorites



Can you believe that October is almost over? Seriously though, this month absolutely flew by! Honestly, this whole year is going by so fast. I asked you guys a few weeks ago on Instagram if I should bring back my month favorite posts, and the majority of you said yes! So, I’ve decided to bring them back because it helps me catalog what I’ve been using and when. I’m guilty of mindlessly buying things and forgetting about them when I get busy, so it’s a great way to keep my mind focused on giving new things a shot!
This month I’ve got a mix of beauty and fashion favorites. I’m not going to go into detail about them, because I’ve been wearing the items non-stop on the gram, I’ve posted about the product or it’s self explanatory. If you’d like me to explain my favorite each month, let me know in the comments below! What’s something new that you tried this month that you’re absolutely loving? I need to make a list for things to try in November!