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Your Next Sexy, Chic Date Night Look

Your Next Sexy, Chic Date Night Look


I’ve got a serious case of the Monday’s, y’all! I’m exhausted, worn out and more than ready for a vacation. I literally feel like I’m slowing losing my mind and I need some time off! Who’s with me?! Anyways, for today’s post, I’m sharing one of fav outfits with you guys. This is the perfect sexy, but chic date night look. The best part about it? It’s comfortable and not too revealing, so no worries of having to constantly pull down a dress or skirt all night long (super annoying)! This exact top is from Fashion Nova, but I’ve linked several different options above as well. I love how simple all of these items are, but when styled together they make a beautiful outfit. Not only can you style them like I have above, but the options are endless with these two pieces, so they’re definitely great investments, even though they’re inexpensive! I wear the pants to work all the time, and the top is perfect to wear alone or layered with other pieces. Throw on a few accessories, your most badass heels and grab your fav clutch, and you’re ready for date night! 


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