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What’s In My bag!

What’s In My bag!

Photography by Minela Sejdin


August, already?! I literally can’t believe it! Time is absolutely flying by. But now that I can see fall in the near distance, I’m all about it. Bring it on baby! Since I’ve got a few summer outfits that I’ve yet to share with you all, I’m pairing up one of my favorite summer looks with a ‘What’s In My Bag’ video. I don’t know about y’all, but I absolutely love these videos. I guess I’m super nosey and curious, so I love watching people that I follow do these videos. I had a request for one a while ago, and all of my friends know that I will not be caught dead without my Mary Poppins-style bag. I literally carry everything you could need and more, which you will see in the video! I hope y’all enjoy! Drop a comment on this post or the video itself and let me know an item that you carry in your purse that might be unusual or uncommon!


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