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Items You Need in Your Beach Bag This Summer

Items You Need in Your Beach Bag This Summer


It’s that time of year again and everyone and their mother is heading to the beach! Unfortunately, I’m one of the few who will not have their toes in the water and a$$ in the sand, but whatevs (thanks, adulting). Since I won’t be at the beach just yet, I’ll be vicariously living through others on Instagram. If I were going to the beach (and hopefully I’ll make it down before the summer is over), these are the items I wouldn’t be caught dead without! Let’s start with the obvious – sunscreen. For the longest time I had myself convinced that if I wore sunscreen, that I wouldn’t get tan – I was so wrong. Now that I am absolutely terrified of getting skin cancer, I’m all about the sunscreen life. I hate the feel and smell of usual sunscreens, but I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found two for my face and body. When I first saw the Hint sunscreen, I just wanted it because of the packing (I’m a sucker for branding) but it turned out to be really awesome! It’s not too sticky or greasy, and smells like heaven. For the face sunscreen, the Coola sport brand is perfect because it’s not too heavy or greasy. I can put it on under my makeup (huge plus for me), or wear it alone on no-makeup days. Another must-have for me is lip balm. I used to be so bad about keeping my lips moisturized, but now that I’m big into makeup and skincare, I am constantly reapplying so that I don’t have crusty lips when I wear a matte lippie. Other essentials for the beach are a spacious towel, insulated water bottle and good sunnies. Not only is the featured towel absolutely adorable and perfect for the gram, but it’s spacious and you won’t be hanging off into the sand. This water bottle is one of my most recent finds and it has made me want to throw all of my others away. It actually keeps my water ice cold, it doesn’t sweat at all, doesn’t leak and fits in a cup holder. Needless to say, I won’t be using another water bottle ever again. For sunnies, it’s obvi all about the swimsuit that you’re pairing them with, duh! Above I’ve featured three of my fav pairs – one for fun, one that has the best sun blockage and another that is perfect for any outfit. You’re also going to need a hat to keep the sun away from your face, and some shorts and sandals to get you to and from the beach; I’ve included a few of my go-tos above! And while you’re chill-laxing on the beach, you’re going to need some entertainment, so grab a good read and relax! I also won’t ever be caught without an external charger because I’m literally always on my phone lol. To tie it all together, throw it in your cutest beach bag and you’re off! Leave a comment down below and let me know some of your beach bag must-haves! Happy beachin’, babes!



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