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Sporty Spice Vibes – How To Get The Retro Sporty Look For Less

Sporty Spice Vibes – How To Get The Retro Sporty Look For Less

Photography by Minela Sejdin


This look is bringing me back to the ’90s! I’m a strong believer in athleisure looks, and this one is kicking it up a notch. Retro looks are very in right now and I’m all about it. I haven’t been in Forever 21 in a hot minute, but the other week I went in with my bff and we made out with a nice little haul. As soon as I saw these retro track pants, I died. If you know who Desi Perkins is, then you know this is totally her vibe. I’m also a huge advocate for styling graphic tees; I have drawers of them. For this post, I’m keeping it short and sweet. This is one of my favorite looks right now! It’s easy and can be worn like shown above for a fun weekend look, or you can tuck in the tee and add some heels for a different take on an office outfit. In addition to the featured pieces, I also included a few other cute options from Forever 21! If you have any sporty looks that you’re loving, leave me some inspo down below! Now, go and live out your dreams of being a member of the Spice Girls!