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Why You Need To Have Jumpsuits In Your Closet This Spring

Why You Need To Have Jumpsuits In Your Closet This Spring

Photography by Minela Sejdin


There is nothing better than an outfit that can pretty much stand alone. Que my fav: the jumpsuit. I probably own an absurd amount of jumpsuits now, and I’m OK with that. The two most recent ones that I’ve purchased are featured above, both of which are from Target, aka the holy land. I literally can’t get enough of these! Not to brag by any means, but when I wore the green striped jumpsuit to the Style Collective Conference, I received so many compliments and girls even purchased it right then and there on their phones. I didn’t even accessorize the jumpsuit that much, just added some bracelets, a simple necklace, and the same shoes. That’s the beauty of these jumpsuits and others that I’ve listed, they are so stunning and turn heads all on their own, making them a go-to for the spring and summer when you want an easy, breathable, yet still chic outfit. A few of my favorite places to buy jumpsuits from are Target, Dress Up, Vestique, Abercrombie and Fitch, Forever 21, SheIn and TJ Maxx. Another great thing about jumpsuits is how many ways that they can be worn. This is key! If you have a capsule wardrobe, or you just don’t like having many items in your closet, or you have a ton of items, this is super easy to do. A few ways that I’ve styled a layered look with a jumpsuit before is to add a tee or tank underneath or over. This is perfect for when you are heading into the office and the top portion of the jumpsuit may be strapless, have cutouts or the straps are too thin. For the green striped jumpsuit above, I would pair it with a white tee underneath so you can still show off the gorgeous detailing while still be office appropriate. I’ve also paired a solid colored jumpsuit with a graphic tee for a more casual, edgier look. If you chose to layer a tee or button down over the top of a jumpsuit, then tie the shirt at the waistline for a flattering fit that makes it look like you are wearing a two-piece set! Should you want to add another layer for when it’s cold in the office, or you want to take these pieces into the fall/winter, simply add a simple cardigan (my favs are from A&F), a blazer or a denim jacket (cropped and or distressed are great additions)! Don’t let other bloggers fool you when it comes to this trend. You don’t need a $150 jumpsuit from Nordstrom, or a $300 jumpsuit from Alice & Olivia. Sure, those are beautiful, but why? Why spend that much money when you can get something so similar and just as beautiful for so much less?? If you really love the piece, you can’t find a dupe, you can afford the purchase and you can’t stop thinking about it, then go for it! And that goes for all purchases. Personally, I keep the majority of my clothes. I have a hard time donating them or selling them to others, but I also tend to not wear pieces from the last season over and over again unless I’m head over heels in love with it, or it’s a good basic. So that’s why I spend the majority of my money on affordable fashion items from places like Target and Dress Up. They will hold up just as well as the expesive pieces if you take good care of them. They will be there for the next season if you want them, but if you’d rather get new pieces, they’ll be easy to resell or donate becasue you won’t have the quilt of spending so much on it yourself. There are so many reasons to love jumpsuits, but these are just a few of mine! Comment down below and let me know where you love to buy your jumpsuits from!