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23 Things About Me

23 Things About Me

In honor of my 23rd birthday, I’m sharing 23 things about me!!

  1. I love that my birthday is Cinco De Mayo because there is always a party going on.
  2. My favorite color is pink, which is funny because I went through a phase where I despised pink.
  3. I have two Siamese cats, Sampson and Gypsy who are literally my pride and joy.
  4. I moved out when I was 18 and lived in four different places.
  5. I just moved back to my mom’s house to save up some money and pursue my dreams.
  6. I’m currently in the process of starting my own business – stay tuned!
  7. I graduated college early after changing my major three times.
  8. After graduating college, I got a job in PR for a few months before leaving for my dream job.
  9. I currently work as a magazine editor.
  10. I’m an avid planner. I carry my planner everywhere I go!
  11. I’ve had my blog for a few years now, but I decided to be consistent a year ago. And recently made the decision to put my all into this to hopefully take it full-time one day soon.
  12. I had a blog when I was in high school where I featured my outfits every day, but I was too shy to tell people and ended up shutting it down.
  13. I have a shopping addiction, as you can tell!
  14. I have a dream of one day owning or operating my own non-profit that benefits the homeless as well as pets.
  15. I never go anywhere without my computer because I am literally always working.
  16. I have an obsession with crazy socks! I have so many pairs and my mom and I always buy them when we see them.
  17. I carry literally everything in my purse. My friends call my purse the ‘Mary Poppins bag’ because I have everything you could ever need.
  18. I collect vintage designer items that my family passes down to me. I’m going to be doing a blog post with them soon!
  19. On a Friday night, I would rather stay home and relax with my cats, some Netflix and a glass of wine instead of going out!
  20. When I do go out, my go-to drinks are Moscow Mule, Margarita, Sangria and a Mojito.
  21. My mom and I make a big deal out of the month of May because my birthday is the first week and her’s is the last week, so we use the whole month to celebrate!
  22. One ‘extra’ that I will never give up is getting my nails done. I go every two weeks on the dot to get them done. I used to bite and pick my nails, so this is something that I do to make sure I don’t have poor looking nails.
  23. I place multiple orders a week from Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed reading some little tidbits bits about me!! If you have any questions, drop a comment below. I’m planning on filming a Get Ready With Me!