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Why You Need Overalls in Your Wardrobe This Season

Why You Need Overalls in Your Wardrobe This Season

Photography by Minela Sejdin Photography


I can’t get enough of denim, as you know, so now my distressed denim obsession has spilled over to overalls. These may totally not be your taste, but they are mine! Maybe it’s my country/southern roots showing through just a bit?? I have struggled to find a pair of overalls that fit me in the right way, in all the right places. Then one day I happened upon these at H&M while I had a 30% off coupon (match made in heaven, obviously), and got seriously lucky on the fit, and the price. For under $50, I got this pair of overalls that is surprisingly high quality denim. Not only are they distressed the perfect amount without looking too ragged or vintage, but they are comfortable and fit me where I need them to. In order to make your overalls more fashionable, you’re going to want them to be slim fitting, unless you’re going for the oversized look! I love these because I can style them like I have here, with a turtleneck body suit and some sneakers, or I can dress them up a bit with an off-the-shoulder top and some block heels. That’s just the beauty of on-trend overalls, they’re totally fashionable and acceptable when styled the right way. To finish off the look, I added a bag that packs a punch. This season there are going to be a lot of bold colors, so I figured adding some color with my bag was the perfect way to liven up the outfit. This one is from Target, and currently sold out online, but Target has a wide selection of on-trend bags for affordable prices, so if you’re looking for a seasonal bag, Target is the way to go!