Another Day, Another Bomber Jacket

Another Day, Another Bomber Jacket

Photography by Minela Sejdin


My mind is somewhere between begging for winter to end because I can’t stand the cold anymore, and not wanting it to leave because I don’t want to put my jackets away. Anyone else having this internal debate of the seasons and how that will affect your closet?? Surely I’m not alone in this one! For these next few weeks while the weather is constantly on the struggle bus as it tries to decide what it wants, it’s essential (for me at least) to layer. When I leave in the mornings, it’s freezing, but then by the time I’m heading out for an afternoon coffee or making the journey to my car to head home, it’s started to get chilly again, so I always make sure that I have a jacket on hand no matter where I go. This white sherpa bomber by Adidas from Urban Outfitters has been a go-to for me this season. I received it as a Christmas gift and I am obsessed! The possibilities with this jacket are endless. Because it leans more towards the athletic side, it’s easy to wear it with leggings and a tee, or dress it up a bit for a casual weekend look. While the jacket may be more on the expensive side, it’s definitely worth it because the versatility of it and the quality. Another good piece to transition from winter to spring is this thermal! It’s not too thick that you’re going to be sweating when it warms up throughout the day, but it will definitely keep you warm enough on the cold early mornings and chilly nights. Lastly, I paired it with some of my favorite weekend wear pieces: distressed denim, some oversized sunnies, a layered necklace and buckle boots.

What are some of your favorite weekend wear pieces??  How are you prepping for the seasonal transition in your wardrobe??