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The Best Sweater Dress

The Best Sweater Dress

Photography by Minela Sejdin


OK, ladies, I think I may have found my new favorite work dress! From the slight turtleneck to the ribbed sleeves to the three button detail down the back, this dress has it all. It’s cozy, it’s comfy and work appropriate! When I found this dress on clearance online with Abercrombie & Fitch, I snagged myself one because I could just see how great it was. It comes in many different colors, so there is something for everyone. To make it a little more flattering, I added a suede wrap belt to help accentuate my figure and make it a tad bit sexier (feel free to opt out of the wrap belt for the office look)! Lastly, I threw on my go-to booties and some simple statement earrings for an easy office outfit! What is your go-to office look for a day when you’re running a little behind??


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