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Plaid is the New Black

Plaid is the New Black

Photography by Minela Sejdin

Jacket // Top // Necklace // Sunglasses // Belt // Jeans // Boots

If I could wear all black, every day, then I would, but recently, there has been a new trend in my wardrobe: Plaid. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, I just can’t get enough. Plaid might as well be the new black! That’s acceptable, right?? To add to my new go-to top, I added some of my favorite wardrobe pieces: distressed jeans, oversized shades, a layered necklace, a statement belt, standout shoes and a killer jacket!
No need to explain the jeans, if you follow me on Instagram then you know! As far as accessories go, I couldn’t help but pair my most recent sunnies purchase, necklace and belt with some staple pieces. Normally, I always buy cheaper sunglasses from Amazon or a boutique because I could lose or break them at any moment, but when I saw the shades that Desi created with Quay, I couldn’t pass them up. The necklace comes from my obsession with Jaclyn Hill and loving everything that she wears, does, etc. And my belt and shoes were two Amazon finds that I still can’t believe I got my hands on! I wanted the Gucci belt that everyone else was wearing, but this girl is on a budget (hence the blog), and then I came across this beauty! I also wanted the designer buckle boots that everyone was wearing, but again, on a budget, so I found these Steve Madden ones on Amazon and scooped them up ASAP. Lastly, the jacket, one of my latest treasures. I can’t take credit for this one though! My best friend Mary Margaret gifted me this for Christmas and I am in love. She actually found ours (her’s is in olive) at Ross! I’m sorry, what?! Did you know that you can often find Free People at T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s? A lot of my Free People pieces come from there; you can’t beat the deals! I linked the jacket in several different colors from several different retailers just in case you can’t find it at one of the holy grails (T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross). Happy shopping, babes!