Let me introduce myself.

Let me introduce myself.


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Hi! I’m Carly Bandy and I’m 22 years old. I’m an alumna of Kennesaw State University and Alpha Omicron Pi. I was born and raised in Georgia, and I currently live in Atlanta. When I graduated from high school I had my sights set on art school; I was going to be a fashion designer. Of course the plan that I had for my life, wasn’t the same plan that God did.

After ending up at Kennesaw State University, I changed my major three times before finally deciding that I wanted to be a journalist. It was one random night in my room with friends, talking about our passions and what life would look like after college, that I decided to make the change. I kid you not, I immediately grabbed my laptop and changed all of my classes. I was going to be a writer. As that summer passed and I started to take communications classes, it became apparent to me that I wanted to be a magazine editor. I had always loved magazines, but I didn’t realize that it was in my future as a career.

Fast forward to my last semester of college, I was the editor-in-chief of the Kennesaw State University chapter of Odyssey and I just landed my dream internship with a magazine publication company. I was on cloud nine and so close to graduation. Well, months passed and it was time to finally graduate. I had achieved my goal of graduating early, but I wasn’t graduating with a job. I set out on a two week road trip from Seattle to Los Angeles with my best friend. After coming home from the trip of a life time to no job, still, I found myself in a weird place feeling like I was trapped and more unmotivated than ever.

Eventually, I found a job in PR to pay the bills. It wasn’t what I went to school for but I was loving it in the moment. After a month or so at the PR agency, I decided that if the line of work I was doing wasn’t lining up with my passions, and I had to do something to channel my creativity. It hit me – start my blog back up. I’ve had Beautiful On A Budget for over two years now. I launched it in June of 2015 with my roommate at the time, Taylor. We originally named it All Things Beautiful On A Budget, but after deciding to give it a reboot, I decided to rebrand as well. I signed up for webinars and one-on-one sessions to help me understand and learn what exactly it would take for me to get my blog to take off. I changed the name, redesigned my website and started my Instagram over. It was time to do the damn thing.

Fast forward to June 2017, I was so on top of things with Beautiful On A Budget. But something was missing, my dream job. I started to think about trying to find another job, but I didn’t want to go through the process again (if you’ve been through post-college job hunting, you know what I mean). I didn’t want to put myself through such a grueling process again when I had a great job that was paying me well. Then, one day I woke up to an email from my dream company, without even applying or reaching out since earlier in the year. The rest is history and here I am, a magazine editor!

I am currently living in Atlanta with my two cats (and roommates), working in a high rise in Midtown and spending my weekends enjoying what the city has to offer. I never thought that I’d end up here, full-time, as a magazine editor and living the life that I do. With all that being said, I’m busier than ever. Sometimes I don’t always get two blog posts up a week anymore. Sometime I don’t make my schedule of posting on Monday and Wednesday. Real life gets in the way, I get tired and defeated. Some days I come home and just need to unplug (well, I try to). But I’m always going to be transparent, honest and open with you guys whenever I can.

Now – what’s Beautiful On A Budget? So glad you asked. Just like most of you other fashionistas out there, I love to stay on top of the trends. I love dressing my best and knowing exactly what is in. But with this obsession of mine, comes a price tag. It’s not always ideal to go buy those really expensive shoes that you saw your favorite blogger wearing, or purchase that Gucci bag you saw a celeb sporting, so, I strive to do more with less. Yes, I do own a few designer things. I either worked really hard and saved up for them, or I was so graciously gifted them for milestones or even had some things passed down through my family. I don’t like flaunting these things because that’s not who I am. I’m a 22-year-old girl, who lives in the city, is obsessed with fashion and beauty, but is also on a tighter budget than some of the bloggers you see on your feed. Now, by no means am I speaking negatively of the girls who sport the designer toes and shoes left and right. What am I saying though is this: I want to be relatable. If I wear something, I want you to be able to go and buy it. If I decide to sport something a little more higher priced, I will always provide you with an affordable option. I shop sale racks and clearance sections like it’s my job. I spend way too much time in T.J. Maxx. And I love a good thrift store find.

So, here’s my promise to you all. I promise to be relatable and reasonable. If I post something that comes with a higher price tag, chances are that I got it on sale. I’ll always be honest with you all. I will tell you where I got it and how much I bought it for. I will always do my best to find affordable dupes for those things that we’re all swooning for but just don’t have the means to buy. I promise to always be myself, and some times that means I might go a little crazy and pay $60 for a hat (oops…), which might not necessarily be the most budget friendly find, but I’ll definitely get good use out of it and I’ll provide an alternative.

I hope you all fall in love with Beautiful On A Budget like I have. Because let’s be honest, what you’re wearing, how much you spent on it and who it’s made by isn’t what makes you beautiful – it’s you.

With love and hopes of inspiration,