June Birchbox and Ipsy Review

June Birchbox and Ipsy Review

Hi, loves! I’m back with another monthly subscription review post! If I’m honest, I wasn’t that impressed with the products this month. I loved that I was introduced to new brands, but I received a lot of products that I was either disappointed in or couldn’t give a true test to. There was also some great products and the Ipsy bag is totally adorable! If you are thinking about signing up for a monthly subscription, it’s definitely worth it. Both of these are $10/month each and for the most part, you always get well over $10 in product! If you want to sign up for Ipsy click here and if you want to sign up for Birchbox, click here.

  • Beauté Basics Face Blender: $10 – I was so looking forward to this product working but unfortunately, it let me down. I treated it as I would any of my beauty sponges and wet it before I used it and it was still so tough. Normally, after you dampen a beauty blender and squeeze out the excess water the blender will have grown in size and softened up but this one didn’t! When I tried to apply product with it, it seemed to soak up a lot of the product and wasn’t truly blending out the product and melting it into the skin.
  • Margaret Dabbs Treatment Enriched Nail Polish: $18, shade ‘Daylily’ – I don’t paint my own nails that often because I am so incredibly awful at it but this is definitely a color I’ll be taking to the nail salon for my next pedicure. This color is so gorgeous and perfect for the summer! I haven’t heard anything about this brand before but I’m excited to give it a try.
  • Privai Matte Moisturizer: $3o for 1.7 fl oz – When I say ‘matte moisturizer’ I was extremely skeptical because I was like, ‘will it really magnify my skin?’ Well, it did! I kid you not, I saw an instant difference in my skin. I washed my face and did my beauty routine as normal and used this as my moisturizer before applying my makeup. My makeup looked flawless and I plan on using up this product! I might even make the plunge and buy the full-size.
  • theBalm Balm Springs Blush: $21 – I’ve loved just about every Balm product that I’ve ever used but I can’t stand when the sample pans are so small! The blush color that was sent to me is gorgeous, pigmented and perfect for my skin tone.
  • Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara: $22 – Personally, I wasn’t the biggest fan. I saw a slight difference in my lashes but it was more in length rather than volume and fullness. Plus, the applicator was huge! I have smaller eyes and the spooly on the end basically went over all of my lashes. It’s an OK mascara but for $22 I’d go with a different mascara!

  • PARLOR Moisturizing & Repairing Conditioner: $22 for 8 fl oz –  I was a bit confused as to why the sent the conditioner without any shampoo. Also, the amount of conditioner that came in the packet wasn’t even enough to use it all on my hair so I had to mix in my regular conditioner, which defeated the purpose of trying this product out.
  • PARLOR Touchable Curl Cream: $24 for 4 oz – This stuff is great! I’m always looking for a good curl cream to help tame my mane. This was great but I think I will stick to my Marc Anthony one since it’s a little cheaper and does a great job!
  • The Beauty Crop Blush Duo: $10 – These pans are so small that it’s hard to get my blush brush inside of them but from the swatches they are both pretty! The pink cream blush is so pretty stippled onto bear cheeks for a little flush on those no makeup, makeup, days. The powder blush is a little too orange for me so I wouldn’t be using it as a blush but it might make for a pretty eyeshadow!
  • Kensie Perfume: $55 for 3.4 oz – This stuff smells amazing!! It’s definitely a high-end perfume that I would consider buying if I didn’t already have a small collection of perfumes and body sprays!
  • Vasanti Brighten Up Amplifying Moisturizer: $34 for 2.03 oz – It’s hard to get the feel for a moisturizer unless you use it for a while. I also have recently found that since I have naturally oily skin, I need to use a water gel moisturizer because my skin takes to it so well. Cream based moisturizers tend to leave a film and oil residue on my skin which affects how well my makeup stays throughout the day!
  • Manna Kadar Priming Shadow Stick: $24 for 2.5 g, shade ‘Jelly Bean’ – I was so excited for this product but as you can see in the photo, it came slightly melted and smushed. It still does the job and performs the same, so no biggie! I used this shadow stick after I had already primed my eyes and blended in my crease shades. I applied a small amount of product directly onto the lid and blended it out with my finger and then I used a pigmented shadow on top. I love how it made my eyeshadow pop more and last longer!


With love and hopes of inspiration,