Sunday Fun-day

Sunday Fun-day

Having just moved to the city, I am doing a lot of exploring. I have a total of like five friends who actually live in Atlanta. Luckily, I have some great friends who are also down for an adventure. This is Gabby, one of my newest and best friends that I met last semester in one of my classes. She loves the city just as much as I do, so getting her to come down and see me is pretty easy. We both have the same interests, for the most part, some of which include eating, drinking, shopping and exploring. So we have decided that for the duration of the summer, and probably longer, we are going to explore tons of new places and write about it. I hope you all enjoy the many posts to come about our adventures together!



Gabby and I tried this awesome restaurant called “Wrecking Bar Brew Pub,” and it was amazing. Located off of Moreland Ave in the basement of an abandoned mansion, the atmosphere alone is reason enough for a visit. Since we love trying all kinds of food, we always get an appetizer to split. The one we chose at this stop were the corn pups. I mean who doesn’t love a good corn dog? I sure do and they are even better when they are nontraditional. The meat inside was to die for and the batter provided the perfect balance of sweet to the saltiness inside. Seasoned perfectly and mixed with cheese, it was something you couldn’t help but finish.


I love a good cider and I am always trying different ones to broaden my horizon. Well, I hadn’t tried Jack’s before and let me tell you – it tasted like juice so it wasn’t hard to finish.


After a little bit of thrifting, we headed over to Ponce City Market to wonder around and explore. Needless to say, we both fell in love and it is a place that I know I will find myself at multiple times over the summer. There is so much to do there and they have something for everyone. From yoga to beer, to juice bars, to ice cream, to restaurants and shopping. PCM is definitely worth your time. Some of the places that stood out to me while there were ‘The Tap’ and the beef jerky and booze bar, which is on my list to try next. Since I am an avid cider drinker, I have been trying to branch out and try more beers. So once we saw this place, it immediately drew us in. We tried the Dogfish IPA, ‘Romantic Chemistry’ and it was great! The way the place works is, you chose the container you would like (so many different sizes and some can even be reused) and then you choose your drink! For this can that holds 32 ounces, we paid around $9 and got three beers out of it. They seal the cans right in front of you and then you are free to enjoy it there or take it home!


After shopping, beer drinking and walking around – we were hungry again. I love Asian food so when I saw this interesting Asian restaurant I had to stop in. Needless to say, the dumplings were amazing and I ended up going back for more a couple of days later.

This is just one of the many, many days we have been adventuring in the city! I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for more fun-filled days with Gabby and me!