Little Trouble

Little Trouble

The day after I moved to the city, my friend and I decided to go out and try a new restaurant. After a recommendation from my roommate, we ended up at Little Trouble in Westside Provisions. Not only was the atmosphere incredible but so was the food and drinks.


When you first walk up to the restaurant, you are led down a long, dark hallway that greets you at the end with a giant neon sign. Inside the restaurant is solely lit by neon signs and small spotlights, giving it a feel of a nightclub without the chaos. We went on a Wednesday night so it wasn’t that crowded but I can only tell that weekends in that bar are exciting. The seating around the place is just so different. They have the requirements of a restaurant and the seating of a lounge on one side. After just one visit, I fell in love with the ambiance of the place.


Gabby and I decided that we wanted to try whatever we could. But being on a budget makes that hard, so we have now come up with a routine to ensure that we get to try the most. Split an appetizer, order two separate entrees and then share. This way we get to try multiple things and really get a taste for the restaurant. These Thai Dumplings were $9 and were absolutely delicious!!! The dumpling itself was a tad sticky and would get stuck to the roof of your mouth, but the taste was so delicious. Of course, I had to get a margarita, it’s pretty much what you will always find me drinking. It was around $8-$10 I believe and it was pretty good. Not the best that I have had, but still great!


Next up was the ramen, the reason why we came here in the first place. I love traditional ramen noodles from the grocery store that cost less than one dollar. But when you get the chance to try gourmet ramen, do it. This bowl was incredible, and only $14! The many different flavors and textures made for a delicious meal. Inside this ramen bowl was ramen noodles, Tonkotsu broth, pork, beech mushrooms, egg, green onions, Fresno chili and sprouts. It was extremely flavorful but I wanted a little spice so I added some Sriracha which added that kick that I was looking for.

After our dinner, we walked around Westside and then enjoyed some ice cream from Jeni’s! This is definitely one of my new favorite places in the city and I will probably be visiting on a somewhat regular basis.