Planning The Days Ahead – Planner Review

If you are like me then you know how it feels to get a new planner. I live for these days and absolutely love finding a new planner. I love it so much that I have a bad bad habit of buying a planner even when I don’t need another. But this is one of the best times of the year, the end of the year, when you are searching for the perfect planner to start off the new year. Since I start my senior year of college in January I wanted to treat my self to the perfect planner for the last year of my college career. I took a lot of time to search for the perfect planner for the perfect price. There are a lot of of great planners that I found, which I will talk about as well but I’m going to show you all the two that I am currently deciding between.

The first one that I purchased is from Bloom Daily Planners. I found this one on Amazon and fell in love. I bought it for $25, which is also the selling price on their website.

IMG_2931The planner has a plastic cover to protect it and elongate the life of the planner. Also, I’m not a huge fan of pink but this planner is the perfect shade of peachy-pink and has such an pretty design!

IMG_2932The opening page of the planner comes with the usual contact form but what is unique about this planner is that it is a ‘vision planner’. It starts off with writing a personal mission statement for the upcoming year.

IMG_2935The next pages are the visionary board for the upcoming year. On the left page, it gives you spots to write out five goals for 2016, places to visit in 2016, things to look forward to this year, new things to try, books to read, things to improve and things to be grateful for. On the right side it has a vision board laid out for you to make some plans and visions for the upcoming year. I haven’t seen this before and I am excited to give it a try!IMG_2936

It is followed by a couple ‘notes’ pages, the perfect place for passwords, important information and contact information for anyone that needs to be remembered!


One of the greatest parts of this planner is the monthly vision boards the planning page to ensure that you meet these goals. On the left side, you has a place for personal growth, relationships, health & fitness, fun & adventure, finances, work & school, family & home and other. Then on the right side, it gives you 6 slots per week to help you meet these goals.

IMG_2938The monthly lay out has each important national date listed, a challenge for you to work towards for the month, a spot to list out some priorities and a monthly to do list.

IMG_2939The weekly planning sheets are great! It has a spot for you to put your weekly focus, an inspiration quote, a spot for weekly goals & notes, the space for you to plan out each day, a space at the bottom for any additional planning needed as well as a place to track the glasses of water that you drink per day! Also, one of my favorite parts is the the banner over Saturday and Sunday claiming the weekend is here! IMG_2944


Lastly, end of the planner has a ‘2016 Highlights’ page. It has all of the same categories as the vision boards for each month, except this is to look back on the past year and reflect on the highlights of each aspect of your life!


Another item that I bought from Bloom Daily Planners was this note pad for your daily to-do lists. I am a crazy list maker, so when I saw this stationary I knew that I needed it. It has a spot for the date, absolute must do’s for the day, a longer list for the other things you need to get done but aren’t your top 3, important times of the day to remember, a list for things to buy, a spot to write what you’re grateful for, a space to track daily exercise, a tracker for your daily water consumption and a meal planning area. I love this notepad because it is perfect for list makers like my self, they rip off and you can slide them in anywhere in your planner! Worth the $10!

The next planner that I bought was this one from Target. It was the cheaper option of the two. It is made by the company Sugar Paper but I could not find it on their website, also it says that this planner is online only but I found it at my local store.


First of all, I fell in love with the cover and I had to buy it. The simplicity had me at first sight! I love the organic looking cover.


The inside is super simple and elegant! After the first page there is a yearly overview, a quick reference page for your personal information, emergency contact information and contacts for friends and family. After that there are two pages for contacts.


The monthly view pages are also very simple with some small, pale, pink dots at the top. There is a small space for notes and it also lists the important national holidays.


Following the monthly view is a page for monthly notes to use as you wish. Then there is a planning page for the whole month. It gives you spots for personal goals, work goals, financial goals, what to focus on, important dates and a box for whatever else you may need!


This last product isn’t a planner but when I saw it I knew I had to look into just by the name of it. This book, “The 52 Lists Project”, which gives you a list to create each week of the year to spark your creativity. I love making lists, so I knew this was for me!

If you guys have any planners you want to mention, I would love to hear some of y’alls suggestions! Happy planning!