Chance The Rapper – Family Matters Tour


Another Tuesday, another concert! Last week I went to see one of my favorites perform and it was nothing short of amazing. After going to the Tabernacle for the first time the week before, I knew there was no point in trying to wear my hair down. I said forget it and threw my hair up in a top knot along with some comfortable shoes and flow outfit!

  • Turtle Neck Shift Dress: $38, Entourage – This dress is no longer available on their website but it is extremely popular and you can probably find it at another boutique. I have worn this dress in so many different ways but in this case, it was cold and I knew I would be jumping around so I took the smart route and paired it with jeans.
  • Flannel: $25, Forever 21 – I bought this a season or two ago and it was a really smart purchase. Normally I don’t spend that much money on a flannel but I had so much trouble finding a black one but that wasn’t the main reason. This flannel has a detachable hood and I just love the look it brings!
  • Jeans: $34, on sale for $32, Old Navy – I LOVE these jeans. They are so incredibly comfortable and I am having trouble not wearing them every day.
  • Vans: $45, – I bought these my freshman year of college and forgot about them for a while. I was digging through my sneaker bucket and found them and knew it was the perfect time to bring them out! Great concert shoe and something to wear every day!

With love and hopes of inspiration,