Out On The Town

IMG_2937Long time, no see my friends! It’s about time I posted a fashion post. With summer coming to an end I will have more outfits to post since I will no longer be living out of a bathing suit and t-shirts. But luckily the other night I went and saw the queen herself in concert, Shania Twain, and finally had an excuse to get dressed up!

  • Hat, American Eagle – $39.95, on sale for $24.99: I love love love hats. I own too many for my own good. But when I saw this wide-brimmed beauty at the outlet mall I had to get it. I feel like a hat can make or break an outfit. I had never seen a cream colored hat like this so of course I had to get it.
  • Dress, Free People  – $78, on sale for $49.95: I had my eye on this slip for a long long time but when I saw that it was on sale for $29 a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t help myself. The link attached is to a newer slip because the one that I bought is older and no longer available online, but this one I might buy too. A slip is a must and they have them listed under the dress! The one I am wearing is a Spanx body con strapless dress, and while it is great, it rides up some and very tight. So I will be investing the free people slip very soon!
  • Boots, Cole Haan  – $278, on sale for $120 (two days only): These are my all time favorite boots. I used to work at Cole Haan so I got a really good deal but I treat these boots like my children. They are nubuck, which is a type of suede, and they are some of the softest shoes ever. The color is perfect and goes with everything, but the real plus is how incredibly comfortable they are! Such a good buy and I recommend them to anyone who needs a good bootie to go with anything!
  • Purse, Cole Haan  – $198, on sale for $139.95: This isn’t the exact purse but it’s very similar! I have too many purses and way more than I need but I needed a small structured black purse. It’s a good every everyday bag or one to take out on the town! Everyone needs one!

With love and hopes of inspiration,




    • August 10, 2015 / 3:29 am

      Thank you so much!
      I loved your Barbie sweater, everyone needs some graphics in their wardrobe!