Just one of THOSE days.


Some days you just can’t. These days, sleep is more valuable to me than making my hair look fabulous or putting on anything other than mascara when it comes to my daily make-up routine. And yesterday, was just one of those day. I had to go to work so I was forced to get up and look somewhat presentable. But if I had the day off, you can bet your bottom dollar I wouldn’t have left my apartment or my t-shirt. So get ready to see my hair in a bun, a lot. 

Shirt: Free People, $40, but retails for $58. I couldn’t find the exact tee online since I bought mine on the Macy’s clearance rack but this one is very similar and a thicker material! I love white tees. Love them. Someone might say I have too many but personally, I think you can never have too many white tees. My flow-y white shirts are my go-to’s. They’re comfortable and you can do literally ANYTHING with them. So if you have no clue what to wear, throw on a white tee and some jeans and you’re good to go. When in doubt – dress basic and accessorize. 

Vest: Free People$10 (Macy’s clearance, again), retails for $78. This button down tank is so comfy. I love to layer and this piece goes with anything. I was hesitant to get it at first because I have something just like it, but I can definitely say there are NO RAGRETS here, (Sorry, I’m weird and like movie references. Especially when they are just too good not to quote like this one). Plus, this color is just something I can’t pass up. I think everyone should own something as a layering piece that is olive/army green. It just works with most everything I have ever tried to wear it with.

Necklace and Wrap Bracelet: I don’t remember the name of the designer I bought it from but I bought it at a festival from some girl in a booth. I love festival jewelry and buying pieces that you can’t find in your regular store down the street. Most of my favorite jewelry is handmade by small artists that only sell at festivals.

Watch: Michael Kors, Originally $225 but is on sale on Amazon for $144. I bought this watch 5 years ago and it started my watch craze. I love this bulky watch to death and its been through a lot… I couldn’t find it on the actual retailers website but lets be honest, that deal on amazon is better anyways…

Jeans: American Eagle, $19.99 on the clearance rack at the outlet store but was originally $45. I couldn’t find the actual jeans on the website but they are basic, dark, boyfriend jeans. These things are heaven. They look good but they don’t suffocate you. You get the comfort of baggy pants but the great look of skinny jeans with a little bit of a tom-boy touch. I LOVE American Eagle jeans, they are pretty much all I wear. I only buy them from the outlet because they always have ridiculously good deals. I buy 3 or 4 pairs every year or until I have worn them to the point of holes in them, that weren’t there when I bought them. Also you can find them at TJ Maxx sometimes so why wouldn’t you buy them, right?

Shoes: Cole Haan, retails for $98 but I got a really good deal since I worked there! I love converse and vans to death so this was me venturing out to another brand for the same look of shoes. And I love them. SO comfortable and they go with everything. Not to mention, the woven part of the shoe is just really neat and different to me.

Purse: Cole Haan, retails for $348 but I got a good discount which is the only reason I bought it cause I don’t have $350 for purse like most people. But I love this color, it goes with everything and I think you can carry it any time of the year, so why not invest in a nice bag in a good neutral color? That was my reasoning for splurging on this purse. I’m a hoarder when it comes to many things, especially what I keep in my purse. I have everything in there that you could possibly think of and while I might not use everything everyday, you would be surprised the times that I have helped someone out with my randomness of a Mary Poppin’s bag. Everyone needs a good neutral bag and a hobo bag, and this one just so happens to be both!

With love and hopes of inspiration,